Facebook Advertising is not just one of the biggest platforms to date, this is also probably one of the most efficient ways for businesses to reach their audience. Today, we are going to tackle the key components that are vital when running Facebook Ads.


Understanding what the offer is all about and the value that it will present to the target audience is important in determining the next key component in running Facebook Ads. [I will discuss more of this on my coming blogs.]

Ad Copy

This is one of the most important things when running a Facebook Ad. Usually, the way that the ad copy is constructed distinguishes an advertising professional to somebody who just knows how to run a Facebook ad. Businesses should realize that knowing how to run a Facebook ad is not an automatic validation that their ad copy is well constructed. Your Ad Copy is something that should not be overlooked because along with the other key components, this can either make or break your ad.


This might be the least important component among the 3 mentioned, however, businesses should not underestimate the power of selecting the right audience. When running an ad, businesses have to make sure that they are directing the traffic to the right people, otherwise,  all efforts will come to waste. There's a couple of different techniques to look at audiences. It can be the right people at the different point in the customer journeys, the people who have never heard of the business but could be very good prospects,  or the people who already know the business and the brand. This is relative to the first key component which is the offer – when making an ad copy, businesses need to take into consideration who the target audience is. A lot of times, I would run different copies depending on the target audience.

Lookalike Audiences, Warm and Cold Traffic

When trying to grow an audience, one of the things that businesses can do is lookalike audiences. This can be really good for those who are trying to break into new audiences. Lookalike audiences can be created from any of the existing data that businesses already have. Lookalike audiences can be built from businesses' website visitors, email list, fans, or any kind of existing audience. The thing with lookalike audience is that they became more effective depending on the volume of the existing audience a business has gathered.

When dealing with Facebook ads in general, the more data that a business can provide Facebook, the better and, the more data that a business is giving, the better it's going to get.

This is really good when you are trying to expand the people who know about you, which is your cold market. Facebook matches over 2000 data points per user. So, the more information that you are going to feed Facebook, the more the subset of information that you're going to get back in terms of lookalike. This goes to the entire Facebook process, the more data they have, the better they can run the ads for you. Typically, just running straight to lookalikes alone could be a really good strategy because these are people who look most like your traffic- which is your warm traffic. Aside from warm traffic, there is also another traffic at the top of the funnel which is the Cold Traffic or the people who don't really know you. This is really important if you're trying to grow your business. Sometimes you might have an offer that works really well in one particular audience, what you can do is eventually tap that audience out to find new audiences and create new ads in order to continue to grow your business.

Marketing is always testing. You can learn all you want about Facebook advertising but until you do it and you do it on a regular basis you won't really get that understanding. I just want to encourage you that if you are struggling, kind of building out who you should target, you have to stop and think different. You have to think out of the box, look for different things and think. We learn as we go.