A quick Google search for ‘digital marketing agency' or ‘Facebook Ad experts' shows what a crowded space this appears to be from an outsiders' perspective. If one doesn't live in this space, how are they to know the difference between all these supposed ‘experts'? The truth is, you probably can't tell until it's too late.

At Divine Social, we're confident that our collective zone of genius will yield results that will elevate your business. That's the what we do. We also think it's important that you understand the core values that drive us on a daily basis, so this is more about who we are.

In a series of posts, we'll be taking a closer look at each of the five core values that lead every decision that we make at Divine Social. Every decision for our clients, and every decision for our team. Next up is TRUST. Let's hear what trust means to our founder and CEO, Traci Reuter:

Trust is paramount to all we do. We trust one another to get the job done, to be accountable to our clients, to ask for help when it is needed and to follow through on what we say we will do. We are the trusted advisor to our clients and those who do not trust us in that way do not stay on as clients. As trusted advisors, we seek client partnerships, as we believe this is where the highest level of accomplishment can happen. 

The tagline ‘trusted advisor' gets over used in my opinion. It's very similar to how I opened this piece, discussing the over-saturation of so-called ‘Facebook Ad experts'. Trust is earned. In our opinion, we can't put it on our byline and use it as a way to sell ourselves or our services when we haven't met. Too often I see it used before the relationship is built instead of sharing how or why someone's current clients see them that way.

Our N.E.X.T Level Foundation is a huge win for companies and brands who have had trust broken with a previous agency. Sometimes it's because they trusted in a so-called expert who didn't have the ability to deliver. Other times it's because the partnership and bond wasn't forged early on and the lack of trust became a roadblock to a successful launch or campaign.

Our trust levels internally are off the charts. We have an extremely passionate and highly-driven team in all departments of our company. We want to win and the only way we can do that is if our clients win as well. We never lose sight of that fact and it drives every decision that we make.

If you're struggling to make your brand thrive in a noisy marketplace, we'd love to talk with you to see if we can help you win.