Do you have a social selling strategy?

I do a lot of consulting with different clients ranging from small local business to larger companies. Seems lately that so many of businesses haven't dove into paid advertising. A number do use paid advertising through offline or old school methods, but they haven't really moved their marketing efforts online, especially through social media platforms.

If you're not advertising and marketing online, you're missing out on a grand opportunity to increase your customer reach that only social media channels can provide you! Number 1 on the list is Facebook. Since Facebook is by far the top contender, you'll want to be where the people are right? It's common sense to devise some kind of Facebook ads strategy that can reach as many potential customers as possible.



Should your business have a Facebook Ads strategy?

Many start-up businesses and even local businesses are hesitant when it comes to engaging in Facebook advertising. They're afraid it might benefit or work for them. It will all depend on the kind of business you have. But I have yet to find a business that hasn't benefited from the power of what Facebook Ads does.

It doesn't matter what kind of business you are, whether you're just getting started or if you've been in business for a while. In this day and age, it's highly beneficial to have a Facebook Ads strategy.

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What makes Facebook Ads different?

Facebook Ads isn't like television, radio or newspaper ads. It's not even the same as Google Adwords where you pay for the keywords and get buyers NOW. People who look into these ads are trying to find something and are ready buyers. This is totally different from social selling.

When we talk about Facebook Ads, we are actually doing social selling and advertising. This is more of a long game. That's why if you're going to take part in this whole concept of social selling using Facebook Advertising, you have to have the right mindset. You need patience because the results aren't instant. But rest assured, it is building up for you so that you'll be able to reap tremendous results in the long term.


What is the Long Game Strategy?

You've probably heard of the “Know, Like and Trust” factor. People do business with people that they know, they like, and they trust. That's why if you're a local business, having reviews is super important. Those are very important elements, but it's missing one piece which is where the long game comes into play.

The last piece that no one ever really talks about is REMEMBER. It's not enough to just know, like, and then trust. You also have to make sure that these people will REMEMBER you and come back to you when they are ready to buy something or take advantage of your services. And the way for you to be remembered is with social selling, with running social ads, and always being in front of people. The goal is for you to become the obvious choice when someone is ready to buy.


How do you do social selling the right way?

You should never be in people's faces with the offer right off the bat. No one's looking for that on Facebook because people aren't there just to look for offers and buy things. Don't ask for the sale if you haven't given anything of value. What you can do is to constantly provide value first. This is the key to social selling. You have to make sure you've provided enough value to your audience before you ever make a dime.


How do you add value first?

First you have to ask yourself: What are the things that I can provide to my target market that can help them in their buyer's journey? You have to understand that every potential client or buyer you have has a journey that need to go through when it comes to buying. That is why you must try to be the go-to person who can provide them with the answers that they need. Try to educate, inspire, inform and above all, provide value.

This may require a bit creative thinking and you'll have to use what you know and have to make something of value for your audience. It can be in the form of a video, articles, infographics, related images, a podcast, a webinar, and the like. What's important is that you share it over and over again. If you keep appearing on people's news feeds with valuable content, you'll have a greater chance of being remembered. The first paid ad that you'd want to run should be about building your audience and adding value.

The key takeaway you should remember is this: Never ask for a dime on social selling until you've added value first!


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Going into 2017, if you're thinking of your advertising strategy, don't forget your long term game in marketing your business. If you start getting out in front of people now and give them value, you'll be able to start building up an audience and some credibility. This will eventually make it possible for you to start asking for the sale. If you start now, imagine what your 2017 is going to be like?


If you think you are ready for social selling and you want help, I do a limited number of free diagnostic consultations. Just go to and we'll see how we can make things even better! If you're not ready for that, you're certainly free to just keep following along and consume our amazing free content! Be wicked awesome!

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