Imagine if you could attract more people exactly like your existing audience. Wouldn't that be wicked awesome?

Now imagine if you could also stay in touch with your existing customers in a way that's even more effective than email marketing. That would be super, right?


Of course, let’s not put aside email marketing because it still works. However, the number of people who open up and check their emails is getting smaller and smaller, especially in this growing era of social media. That being said, let me share with you a few valuable nuggets on one of my favorite social media channels. I'll discuss what they've developed so far where advertising and marketing is concerned.

In this video blog, you'll hear me talk about some of the things that Facebook has done recently that can make a huge impact in the way you attract and engage with your audience.


What are these changes?


There are significant and relatively new changes in Facebook Custom Audiences that will blow your mind away! And, if you've never tried advertising on Facebook before, this will all be new to you. So for those of you who want to score big with this new development, better listen up and pay close attention! I'll show you how you can utilize some great information from your existing customer database to help you find more customers that are just like them! The most recent update will increase your ability to accurately match with subscribers.

Before the update, you could only choose one of these parameters – email, phone number, or unique Facebook ID – to search or filter for subscribers. But now, Facebook allows you to use up to 14 different identifiers simultaneously. They added mobile advertiser ID, first name, last name, zip code, city, state/province, country, date of birth, year of birth, gender and age. Adding in these parameters is a game changer!

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Facebook Custom Audiences Set-up Checklist


  1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager
  2. Proceed to the Audiences section of the Facebook Ads Manager
  3. Click on the blue button on the left-hand corner that says “Create Audience”
  4. From there, choose “Custom Audience”
  5. Choose “Customer Files”
  6. Click on “Choose a file or copy and paste data”
  7. Click on your preferred identifiers. It can be email, phone number, unique Facebook ID, mobile advertiser ID, first name, last name, zip code, city, state/province, country, date of birth, year of birth, gender and age. You can choose up to 14 identifiers.
  8. Upload the file (your existing database of customers)


It get's even better because of Facebook Lookalike Audiences!

Imagine if you had a list of 10,000 buyers that you uploaded onto the Facebook Ads Manager. If you wanted to target people who most look like those people, you'll have a greater chance of getting new prospects in through the Facebook Lookalike Audiences. When Facebook creates these lookalike audiences, it's based upon 2,000 data points matched. Points gathered are similar to your own list of existing customers. For example, a 1% match will give you 1% of all the people who are the closest to that existing list. 

The Lookalike Audiences are based on the people who have already bought, subscribed or have shown interested in you. That's why it's so powerful! This is part of why Facebook advertising is so effective. More and more companies and businesses are realizing that this needs to be a part of their overall marketing strategy.

You see, one of the successes in Facebook advertising is TARGETING! They constantly aim to be able to meaningfully and accurately target your ads to the right people. Facebook is learning and becoming more and more brilliant at it. So now, targeting potential customers is easier for marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners alike.

What are you waiting for? Be sure to take advantage of Facebook Custom Audiences to market your business!

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