There used to be a time when running a Facebook likes campaign was important because the organic reach of your Facebook post hit about 80% of your fan base. Then a few years back, Facebook changed the algorithm, and all that changed. 

Now, most fan pages are lucky if 2% of their fans are reached with each of their posts. 


It makes you wonder, why should you even have fans at all? 


In this article, I'll give you a breakdown of why running a Facebook likes campaign is a good idea for your business and overall marketing strategy. 


If you're a small business owner, maybe you’ve dabbled in Facebook ads, or you never even started. A great place to get started running Facebook ads is with running a Facebook likes campaign.


There are benefits in running a Facebook likes campaign especially if it’s your first time running Facebook ads.


It allows you to get comfortable with the Facebook ads manager interface, the reporting, and it’s also a great way to test audiences. 


And if you’re not ready to run ads to an offer, running a Facebook like campaign can be a great way to start gathering data about your potential audience. 

What If you've never run a Facebook Likes Campaign?


One of my clients had never run any Facebook ads before, and had a serious overhaul that was needed on their website.

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So while getting that website overhauled, we ran a Facebook likes campaign. That campaign gave us the opportunity to start testing potential audiences for this particular client. We were able to get increased visibility, grow their credibility, and increase the number of people seeing their organic posts. 

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One of the benefits unknown to many of my clients and consulting clients is that if you constantly have a Facebook ad running, the Facebook algorithm actually gets smarter over time. The Facebook algorithm actually begins to understand who your best clients are, who’s going to click your links, who's going to watch your videos, etc. 

Even if you’re not ready to run full-scale campaigns, having a likes campaign running in the background with a very small budget on a daily basis can really help Facebook serve your ad to the right people once you’re ready to scale up into larger campaigns. 

The Benefits of Running Facebook Likes Campaign


But let’s get to why there’s benefits of running a Facebook likes campaign. 

There are four main reasons why you want to be running a Facebook like campaign: 


  1. You can serve ads to fans up to four times a day, unlike nonfans, which is only two times per day. This can be multiple ads, it doesn’t matter. If you have multiple ads running, then your fans are more likely to see those ads. 
  2. Social proof: have you seen any of those ads in your newsfeed that say so-and-so and 20 other of your fans like this page? Don’t you feel like you’re missing out? Social proof works. And the more fans you have, the more social proof you have.
  3. Facebook has a targeting option that you can run ads to friends of your fans. Again, this goes back to social proof. The more fans that you have, the greater number of friends and fans that she can serve your attitude. The people seeing the ads are going to see that their friends are fans of your page. Once again social proof is at work and it works.
  4. Facebook fans tend to have the highest return on an investment. Provided you didn’t buy Facebook likes from someone in another country on, odds are your Facebook fans actually are interested in what you do. At some point, they'll say they are interested in what you’re doing. They'll respond to a Facebook like campaign. They'll raise their hand and say they want to be a part of your community. Your fans are what I would call a warm market. And warm market always has a higher ROI.

How much of the budget should you set aside for running a Facebook likes campaign? 


That depends on your overall Facebook budget. If you’re just getting started and you’re not ready to run a bunch of ads to content, videos, etc. to generate leads and sales, then start with running a Facebook likes campaign. You can run it for as little as five dollars a day. 


If you’re looking at an overall marketing budget, I would say allocate no more than 10% of your overall budget to running a Facebook likes campaign. Again every business is going to be slightly different, do what's best for you. 


If you’re not sure about a Facebook ads strategy, then apply for a free consultation to see how Facebook ads could help your business. 


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