Is Your Website Optimized For Results?

If your business relies on paid advertising to generate leads and sales, then designing a website for paid traffic conversions is essential for success.

The majority of clients that come to our agency for help with paid advertising with Facebook ads or Google PPC already have a website in place. Often I discover that that their website was designed by someone a long time ago, like a friend or somebody doing them a favor. That’s not a bad thing.  As long as the one who made the website knows how to optimize it the right way. If they've cut some corners on their website, it becomes a problem in running traffic.


In this video, I want to walk you through why website design for user experience and custom optimization and conversions is critical.  Especially if your business is going to run any kind of paid traffic.



To make this more meaningful,  I used one of my client’s website as an example in this video.

This client recently came to me because they wanted to run a significant amount of traffic to their website. Only they were not getting the conversions they desired with it. You'll see their original website which was actually lovely. But you'll also see that whoever created it, most probably didn't quite understand how to design a website for marketing optimization. So we did a revamp on their website.


Here’s what had to be done:


Make a website that’s mobile-responsive and offers a great user experience.


You have to ask yourself these questions:

  • What does the website look like when you open up your cellphone?
  • What user experience are you giving?
  • Is it easy to navigate and easy to see?


These are all very important questions. As of 2015, more than 56% of all internet traffic came from mobile. This means that 56% of search traffic is mobile as well. People search for you and/or your business from their mobile devices and if they find you through an ad, through search engine optimization (SEO) or organic search, you want to make sure that their user experience is good. If they don’t see or feel it the way they expect, they’re going to leave in a snap.


For this particular client in the video, we're running a significant amount of traffic through Facebook Ads and we're also doing a really big radio campaign. We're using them together. The majority of the traffic, in fact, around 90% or more of the traffic that's going to come from the radio campaign is going to be hitting this particular website from a cellphone.


You don't want that type of traffic to go to waste.  That’s why we put together a simple yet very user friendly and appealing landing page. Notice that it looks and feels a bit different from their original site. For this landing page, we're not collecting emails, we're not getting opt ins. Instead, what we're doing is we want them to call. So we put a click-to-call button. If you clicked on the button from your mobile phone, it would start to dial it. If you clicked it from your desktop, it would launch an app that will also allow you to call the number. It’s that simple.


The video will also show you a comparison of their old site to the new and improved, user-friendly site. It's easier to contact them.  The colors and the design are congruent to their logo. The fonts are very readable and more!


Make a website that’s geared towards your business objectives.


If you're thinking of running any kind of paid traffic, whether you do it yourself or you hire someone to do it for you, it's absolutely critical that your website is geared towards your business objectives in order to increase conversions.

Any business owner must make sure that their site is meeting business objectives. You don't want to cut corners because your website is your home base. This is something that you want to make an investment in. Your website could possibly make you hundreds if not, millions of dollars for your business.


Make a website that’s optimized for increased conversions.


It's important that you understand that throwing money at traffic is not the answer.  Especially if you don't have all of the systems in the background to support it. This particular client is spending well over $4,000 a month in paid traffic. So before we went live with their new website, we needed to make sure that the website was optimized.


Just like this client, you can easily set your budget and send all that traffic try to get leads and sales for your business. But if that traffic is going somewhere that's not designed to convert, if the user experience is bad, if it's not optimized for mobile, then you're basically throwing your money away. A highly converting website can literally make or break an excellent traffic campaign.


So I want to encourage you today to take a look at your website. Is it mobile optimized? Is it optimized for user experience? Is it optimized for your business objectives? If it's not, it might be time to do a refresh!


Are you looking for help you Facebook Ads? Do you need more traffic to your website? Does your website need a refresh or redesign? Divine Social handles all of those things! Fill out the contact form so we can set up a consultation to see how we might be able to help you.

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